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Revised: 03/10/13  

We represent clients before taxing authorities, which includes the Arizona Department of Revenue; Internal Revenue Service, City of Phoenix (and other municipalities throughout Arizona). We handle tax representation on:

·         Individual Income tax

·         Business tax (corporate; withholding, transaction privilege tax (sales)

·         Property tax

·         We negotiate with the taxing authorities for you when you owe back taxes – often times this can result in:

· an offer-in-compromise, meaning you pay less than you owe;

· penalty abatement – meaning you may pay tax and interest but not the penalties;

· payment plan, meaning you make regularly scheduled monthly or quarterly payments;

 placement of your case in a hardship status, meaning you may not have to pay the taxes that are owed or payment is delayed and your financial status is reviewed bi-annually.

· Placement of your case in an uncollectible status

·         We work with taxing authorities to release wage levy (garnishment) and bank levy

·         We advocate on your behalf against property tax liens, motor vehicle liens; secretary of state liens and aggressive collection measures;

·         We represent you when you have been served with a subpoena for tax documents and financial records;

·         We advise you of tax consequences involved by bankruptcy filing and discuss what taxes may be discharged but still collectible.

When you need an experienced, aggressive and knowledgeable attorney who is able to fight to maintain your legal rights, you need to contact the Law Offices of Tracy Essig immediately. Tracy is deeply aware that your legal matter is extremely important to you and will handle each case accordingly. No matter what your legal situation might involve, you deserve to have the best possible representation.

Bankruptcy, Tax, Collections, Asset Protection, Litigation, Real Property, Foreclosure - Deed of Trust, Business, Mediation, DUI

If you have questions or concerns about a legal matter involving any of the above, please do not hesitate to
Contact Us to discuss your needs with an experienced and qualified attorney.

In many cases, the likelihood of a successful outcome can be greatly enhanced with the help of an experienced, qualified and knowledgeable lawyer if filed in a reasonable time. Don't hesitate, Contact Us today!











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